About Us

At EL MAGARI Art is something that makes you breathe with some other kind of happiness! Founded in Ukraine family of 10 sisters. 

Alla, Bohuslava, Bozhena, Daryna, Ganna, Inna, Iryna, Kateryna, KhrystynaKseniya.

Being an artist, our first approach is to create timeless, appealing, yet striking designs. For us, art is a way to connect our inner world to the outer world.

When it comes to getting your hands on the finest quality, stunning, and exclusive bag collection, there is only one name that resonates with all above mentioned qualities - EL  MAGARI.

Who Are We?

EL MAGARI is a leading distinguishable online brand for luxury bags. Our designs are purely made based on uniqueness, endless creativity, and craftsmanship. With bespoke quality materials and exclusive handcrafting techniques, we specialize in creating “one of its kind” products.

Using the technology and a particular vision, we create innovative designs to cater to contemporary fashion needs in an elegantly fashionable way.

Our Story

EL MAGARI story starts with realization that combining the Italian fashion sense with the Greek designs calls for an ethereal fusion. Since its inception, we have strived to make EL MAGARI - a place where our clients can witness unique products and exceptionally mesmerizing designs.

While creating each bag, we blend our designs with the professional crafting techniques of our designers to create something that resonates with contemporary fashion ideas.

Every product in our collection comes with an aura of ebullience that emanates from all of our products. We get inspiration from the illuminating and incandescent personalities of empowering women. 

Mission Statement

Is to deliver uniqueness, exclusivity, and class to our esteemed clients to achieve ultimate customer delight.

Vision Statement

Is to create a fashion-driven world where you can find exclusive products with a unique thrill to experience styles quest. We aim to design, create and market distinctive and superior condition bags that represent the EL MAGARI unique lifestyle and image.

Our Values

The values that empower our foundation include:


We believe we have the responsibility to leave better examples for others to follow. So the decisions we make and the products we make are all highly thoughtful. We are committed to continuous improvement and to delivering the best.


We are passionate about our job, which reflects in the products and services we offer.


Being fair and honest in our commitment gives us the ultimate driving force.


We aim at leading the world by creating a platform where you can shop without getting word about contemporary fashion and style.

Why Choose Us?

Here are some of the features that give us a competitive edge.

Individual attention:

All bags are created using special skills, materials, and craftsmanship. We take pride in sourcing the finest quality material to manufacture some ethereally classical and timeless designs that last forever. We invest individual attention and focus on each of our products which is a testament to our skilled and careful craftsmanship.

Conscious design:

We do not follow any fashion calendar and thus produce our products without getting pressured by timelines to create some extraordinary and meaningful outcomes.

Customer care service:

Along with top-notch quality and exclusivity, we offer unparalleled customer care services to our valuable clients. Whether you have queries or suggestions, you can always reach out to us and let our experienced and professional staff assist you accordingly.

Quality assurance:

There is absolutely no compromise on the quality of the products, and through our experienced and professional craftsmen, we make sure you get nothing less than the best.


Our products are not factory-made; instead, we believe a business has so much to share with its customers, which can only be possible through unique designs. All the products here are made by following exclusive and unconventional mindsets.

EL MAGARI is a brand that believes in delivering exclusive designs with a touch of luxury to ensure exclusiveness. If you are looking for something to elevate your style game, we have just the right products.

Even if you feel a little lost while surfing through our products, we are here to assist you in choosing the right product. At the heart of our services, it focuses on delivering clients ultimate satisfaction.

So get your hands on exceptional, exclusive, and one-of-a -kind handbags and spice up your style only with EL MAGARI. We are eager to hear from you.

EL MAGARI - You're the one!